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Dear One,

Are you on a journey of transformation, going through a shift in your life, expanding in knowledge and awareness of who you really are?  

Are you in need of some alignment, clarity and tools to put all your pieces together? 

Are you interested in improving the quality of your life by living your soul purpose

Or in need of deeper connection with your light and truth? Or connecting more to Spirit?

Do you wish to understand, perceive and use 5D energy to create the life you want? 

Do you need help in handling the dance of the intense energies in your twin flame experience?  

Welcome. I am here for you... please continue...

You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.
— Rumi

When you reach higher awareness, or have already awakened and are in the process of transformation, you grasp a certain understanding of the Universe and yourself, you start taking responsibility for your life, and all the elements of yourself that got you to this point.  You want to work on yourself more and are consistent and committed to your own growth and the expansion of your consciousness. You realize that you are a deliberate creator of your reality and no longer a victim. You know that everything around you reflects YOU. You are the ocean in a drop, you are the universe.

So what about THE drop? What about YOU as the whole Universe?



Living life from the Soul and not ego-self. It is surpassing the 3D view of what healing is and what it means, and going into it with no judgment in absolute neutrality, keeping focus on consciousness expansion. It is anchoring our energy in being authentic in our truth of who we are and the purpose we serve. It is seeing the big picture of how our transformation on an individual level impacts everything and everyone around us, and as a result, the whole planet in our movement forward in oneness and co-creation. It is the ultimate self-realization void of any particular limiting ideology. It is choosing and being your whole radiant soul truth, unable to resist who you are. 


I guide individuals in creating positive change in their lives via a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential as a whole soul being in Light and Love.

Integrating Meditation and energy work with Quantum Living methods in search of inner alchemy, living from our Soul, and discovering our Universal Radiant Eternal Self, as well as our purpose in the Universe. Also, delivering 5D templates and fully integrating and practicing living in the simplicity of 5D.

You came here for healing, clarity and help on your transformation journey.

You are a Radiant Being of Light, Integrity and Truth. I am here to help you remember who you are and embrace your purpose.

I am a Meditation and Quantum Living Coach with an academic background in Psychology, which literally translates as “study of the soul”. I combine western and eastern practices in healing and the process of creating the life you want. I assist you on your journey of awareness, transformation and personal growth offering connection to Source energy, intuitive guidance and various healing methods, to help you connect to your true self and inner guidance, not a method or teaching.

I light the way. The rest is up to you. :-)
— Agnes May

If you enjoy and benefit from my work and/or writing, if you feel inspired and lifted in any way, and would like to contribute to this work from your heart, please consider donating. With deep gratitude, thank you!  


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Remember Who You Are Photo credit: Agnes May, Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia

Remember Who You Are

Photo credit: Agnes May, Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia

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